I'm sure alot of people have been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild lately. I haven't though, I've just been looking enviously at let's players. However, as fun as the game looks I've noticed a few annoying trends about the game, hence this comic.


A while ago I while playing Pokémon I got a little idea for a gag. I then started to draw it after a little push from friends. At first I thought it would be a small project only taking about a week to finish. But a week soon turned into 2 months. Granted I didn't work with it daily but it still gave me a bit of a reality check in terms of how long even "small" projects can take.


Link to full comic: http://paintabit.simplesite.com/431293967

Tywin Lannister/Charles Dance Portrait - Done to practise facial likness

Self Portrait with a nice pretentious pose and prop

Stalker Night - Made by trying to use the wet paint techniques made famous by Bob Ross, only done in digital format.

  • Step 1-3

    When drawing characters I find it useful to try and find pictures of people assuming a pose similar to what I have in mind.

    Also know as referencing, for the illustration savy.

  • Step 4-6

    This design is based on the art of Hyung-Tae Kim. I really like his illustrations, although his designs for women teeter towards the gratuitous.

  • Final

  • Sketching

    First steps are posing and designing the character.

    When I've reached a pose I like, I start to design and tweak the character's features and gear. This is usually done on a separate layer, and may go through multiple iterations before I find one I like.

    When I've landed on a design I finish it of by cleaning up the line art.

  • Colouring

    Once the line art is done. I make a silhouette of the character with some random neutral colour.

    When colouring I use a layer that applies only to the silhouette. Filling in all the big areas with a broad brush, not caring if I paint outside the lines, then fill in the small areas with a fine after.

    I then do some gradual shading before finishing up the illustration with the deepest shadows and brightest highlights.

  • Finishing touches

    Lastly I might do some finishing touches in form of colour balancing, adding some glow, and maybe blurring some edges.